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  1. Siegfried Zahn Baunatal sagt:

    Hallo ! Schaut mal bei Youtube Ich habe am 05.05.2013 ein neues Video gedreht und bearbeitet. Es wird euch gefallen
    Modelleisenbahn Steinertsee
    von Siegfried Zahn Baunatal

  2. Olaf sagt:

    Hello Chris, I´ve seen your comment a little late, sorry. I set a link on our „Service“-Site to your Club. Greetings for all our friends over the channel!
    Olaf Rohde

  3. Hi,I am sending a link to the website of the City of Newport model engineering society.
    We have had to move to the other side of the park as a school has been built on the old site.
    Chris Aldridge

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